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Pandan Lapis Deluxe (Limited Stocks)

Pandan Lapis Deluxe (Limited Stocks)

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Fragrant Pandan Kue lapis in amidst buttery soft Pandan Surabaya cake. Not too sweet and heavy. Made with real Pandan juice, no artificial colour or flavourings. 

Care Instructions (Please Read)


  • Please kindly store the Kue Lapis or Surabaya Cake in the refrigerator. (Cake can be kept for 30 days upon receiving).
  • Before consumption, leave the cake in room temperature for at least 30 mins.
  • Cake can last for 10 hours in cool / air-conditioned temperature.
  • For long flights / travel, freeze cake 1 day in advance, and travel with the cake in frozen condition.

  • Cakes do not contain preservatives, store with care.



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