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Kue Ambon Medan

Kue Ambon Medan

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Authentic medanese kue ambon, air-flown fresh weekly from Indonesia. Using fermented coconut water as the secret to that beautiful bee hive like texture. We reduce the sweetness without compromising the refreshing lime leaf fragrance. 
Do note that the slight acidity(sour) in the flavour is from the coconut water fermentation.

The kue ambon will be delivered in 2 options: 

  • Cold:
    Better for travelling.
    Will provide insulated pouch and can last 5 hours outside, away from sunlight or heat. 
    The Kue Ambon can last for 14 days in refrigerator or 30 days in freezer.
    You must reheat before consumption. (Steam for 15 mins)
    Instructions are given on the box.


  • Warm:
    Best for immediate consumption or short travel within 24 hours. 
    The Kue Ambon can last in cool room temperature for 24 hours. 
    You can also store it in the fridge to last for another 7 days.
    Please reheat before consuming (Steam for 15 mins or microwave for 1 min)
    Instructions are given on the box.

Care Instructions (Please Read)

  • Upon receiving Cold Kue Ambon, immediately store the Kue Ambon in the refrigerator (for 14 days) Or Freezer (for 30 days).

  • Before consumption, you must warm up the Kue Ambon.
    (If frozen, thaw the kue ambon in room temperature for about 1 hour or overnight in the refrigerator.)

    Reheating instructions:

    Steam (most recommended) – Steam entire cake or portions for about 20 mins. Let it cool down before consumption. After steaming, cake can be left in cool / room temperature for 12 hours.

    Toast - Slice and toast for 5 mins on medium heat or until edges turn light brown. Let it cool down and consume. Works best with slices or smaller portions (1/4) of cake)

    Microwave – Slice and heat in microwave on a covered plate for 60 - 120 secs on High Setting. Let it cool down and consume. Do not microwave big portions of cake. Works best with slices.


  • For long flights / travel, freeze cake 1 day in advance, and travel with the cake in frozen condition.

  • Our Kue Ambon contains fermented coconut water as a part of the ingredients therefore a slight acidic aroma may be present. 


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