Kue Ambon reheating instructions

  • Upon receiving Cold Kue Ambon, immediately store the Kue Ambon in the refrigerator (for 14 days) Or Freezer (for 30 days).

  • Before consumption, you must warm up the Kue Ambon.
    (If frozen, thaw the kue ambon in room temperature for about 1 hour or overnight in the refrigerator.)

    Reheating instructions:

    Steam (most recommended) – Steam entire cake or portions for about 20 mins. Let it cool down before consumption. After steaming, cake can be left in cool / room temperature for 12 hours.

    Toast - Slice and toast for 5 mins on medium heat or until edges turn light brown. Let it cool down and consume. Works best with slices or smaller portions (1/4) of cake)

    Microwave – Slice and heat in microwave on a covered plate for 60 - 120 secs on High Setting. Let it cool down and consume. Do not microwave big portions of cake. Works best with slices.


  • For long flights / travel, freeze cake 1 day in advance, and travel with the cake in frozen condition.

  • Our Kue Ambon contains fermented coconut water as a part of the ingredients therefore a slight acidic aroma may be present.