Kue Ambon Medan Pandan (Limited)
Kue Ambon Medan Pandan (Limited)

Kue Ambon Medan Pandan (Limited)

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Authentic medanese kue ambon, air-flown fresh weekly from Indonesia. Using fermented coconut water as the secret to that beautiful bee hive like texture. We reduce the sweetness without compromising the refreshing lime leaf fragrance.  

The kue ambon comes either steamed or chilled 

Steamed : Last in cool room temperature for 24 hours. Store in fridge to last another 2 weeks  

Reheating instructions:

Steam: place the kue ambon in a boiling steamer for approximately 15 mins. You can leave the cake for 24 hours in cool room temperature .

Microwave: slice chilled kue ambon and place a few slices on a microwave safe plate, cover, heat for 1 to 2 mins on medium heat. Consume within 30mins.

Toasterslice chilled kue ambon and toast them for 5 mins on medium heat or until edges turns golden brown. Consume within 30 mins.